Everything you need

Directly contact four heat pipes

The heatsink design utilizes four copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the base of the CPU.

Everything you need

Aluminum fins

These heat pipes and aluminum fins provide highly efficient heat dissipation.

Easy to install

Effective cooling

The product’s 120mm fan features fluid-dynamic bearings, spinning at speeds up to 1,800 RPM, pushing airflow at a rate of 80CFM, while operating at a maximum volume of 34dBA.

Easy to install


A 120 mm fan can be added to the extra bracket, and the heat dissipation performance of the double fans can be further improved.

※ Please keep the rotation direction and wind direction of the two fans consistent.

Easy to install

Avoid interfering with the memory height

The position of the fan can be adjusted to avoid interfering with the memory height.

Easy to install

High compatibility

Compatible with most current Intel and AMD CPUs, including the latest 12th Gen Intel Core Processor (LGA 1700 socket)

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