With a top speed of 1800RPM, which is adjustable via the supported PWM, this 120x120x25mm fan is well suited to be paired with our radiators for efficient cooling.


The Griffin 120 Fan is designed with 9 blades, allowing for an increased degree of blade curvature and resulting in higher air pressure and greater airflow.
The fan blades also fit snugly within the outer frame, bringing the design together to reduce turbulence, enhance air pressure and obtain better heat dissipation performance.

The fan blades and the fan frame are made of LCP (liquid crystal polymer), a high-strength material. LCP can increase the strength and rigidity and reduce the deformation of the product. Additionally, its high damping characteristics can reduce resonance. Best of all, its wear resistance can improve the service life of the fan.

Featuring high-quality FDB hydrodynamic bearings, the core of which is made primarily of metal, this fan brings you higher heat resistance, greater stability, quieter performance and a longer lifespan.

The Griffin 120 fan is available in DRGB and black versions.
Whether you want to enhance your build with a colorful display or maintain a sleeker style, this fan is for you.
Digital RGB LED lighting is embedded in the axis of the DRGB version, with the lighting effects adjustable via hub controls.

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