• Introducing Bitspower’s most powerful high-performance water block: the Summit M Pro for Intel and AMD CPUs. Expertly designed to ensure optimal performance for next-gen processors.
    Everything you need

    Quality materials

    The water block is made of high-quality materials, including a base plate made of highly conductive copper.

    Everything you need

    Powerful heat dissipation

    The water block has been designed to maximize heat dissipation on the CPU’s core. The design helps to substantially boost heat transfer, ensuring optimal cooling for some of the most powerful processors on the market today.

    Easy to install

    Greater cooling liquid capacity

    Heat dissipation performance has been greatly improved due to an expanded cooling liquid capacity.

    Easy to install

    Easy-to-upgrade from Summit M

    The Summit M Pro’s water inlet and outlet holes are in the same position as the Summit M, allowing users to easily upgrade their CPU block.

    Easy to install

    Compatible with Intel's 12th-Gen CPU

    The Bitspower Summit M Pro includes brackets and accessories for Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs, while AMD brackets and accessories will be made available once the company’s latest CPU hits the market.

    Easy to install

    The efficient & stylish CPU block

    Fashioned with a clear, high quality acrylic top plate, style and substance come together in this CPU block.

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