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I'm thinking of purchasing a Titan One Mini 2.0 system, but need to make sure it is compatible with the AM5 Chipset. Please let me know. As a new customer, having never used your product, please take this next comment to help you with your business. Your main website has no direct link to service except for warranty. The download link to the manual does not work. The parts list to buy additional fans is impossible to find for this kit. I had to literally look at photos and try to figure out which fan your system uses. There is no link to a support email or phone number, which is a red flag for me. I had to search for an additional support site to find this website. Why not link this site under support on your main website?

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Dear Customer,

Thanks for your suggestions.
Our Titan One Mini 2.0 is compatible with AM5 Chipset.
About the additional fan, you can choose the following one.

If you need any support, please send us an email or call our USA colleague Inna.
Here is our information.
Any questions, feel free to contact us.

Attn: Inna Livits
Tel: +1(614)323-2883

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