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Hello, I have had 6 NOTOS 120 fans in my PC for around one year now with no issues with lighting, I love the way they look! However, when I turned my PC on today one of the fans was not lighting up correctly, usually all six fans are set to a steady purple color but today one fan is stuck on a very dull blue color. I have tried multiple ports using both the male and female ends to the control cable and nothing changes. The lights around the circumference do not light up at all on two or three LEDs in the center piece light up a dim blueish green color. The fan still spins fine so my guess is the lights have burned out somehow and wanted to know if this was covered under the 3 year warranty. Thank you.

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Hello Justin,

Sorry to hear that. Would you send us the receipt for the fan?
Please give us the photos to show the problem too. Thank you.