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I bought some parts to create PCs for my clients, including a distributor plate Sedna for c700m.

but what you have sent to me is NOT POLISHED. The acrylic is raw from production. The part is not transparent.

i used thousands of your products and your quality and finitions are always PERFECT.

But on this purchase, you have shipped a true problem for me. My client will refuse this PC and I can’t mount anything in my tower as it is nearly finished. 

I received your package last months but I didn’t unpack the acrylic block until the last moment to avoid any scratches or dust. 

and now …. I just opened it : it is not transparent at all.

help me please.

i promote your brand for ten years now.

First ever problem I have with your company.

I need a transparent block in express.

I can send you back the block I have received.

But I truly need help in emergency and in express shipment.

Kind regards

Gregory gulli 


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Hello Gregory,

We did want to help but we have checked all of the rest stock. They are all not transparent. That's the CNC trace on the distro plate. And it could not be removed.
Or would you help your customer to choose another reservoir instead? If you need further help, please contact our service.