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Hi there,

I see you still sell these power supplies new in your store and thought I would reach out to contact you as FSP are not easy to get a hold of and have so far been very difficult to talk to.

I bought one of these power supplies new in box as old stock out of a liquidator in Perth Australia and the power supply does not work. FSP said to contact a store here, but as it went bankrupt there is no store to contact.

I am reaching out to you as both a company director with over 45 staff but also a computer enthusiast who is disappointed this premium component would break like this. Is there any way you can offer any support, or possibly return for a discount on another working unit?

As FSP said they would not perform warranty work I have given it to a qualified Australian Air force helicopter technician to dismantle for information on what has failed in the unit.

Thank you in advance for your reply. I look forward to talking to you.

Kind regards,


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Hello Rico,

Sorry that since we only offer the water cooling parts in this kit, so about the problem of the power supply, we are not professional. We are afraid that you still have to contact FSP and the seller you bought it from. Any other questions, feel free to contact us.