About Bitspower

Bitspower came into being in 2001 in Changhua County on the west coast of Taiwan. Starting out with a few employees,the company focused initially on producing industrial cooling equipment. In 2005 we shifted our sights specifically to watercooling for performance computers;we saw that there was a huge,passionate community of enthusiasts,but only a small handful of companies providing for this community.

 Introduction & history

Our Staff

We are based in Taiwan,which is one of the high-tech and industrial hubs of the world.Our team is made up of a diverse mix of engineers,designers,techies and gamers,all of whom are passionate about helping people to realize their creative visions.

Since this time,Bitspower has been a leading creator of high-end cooling products for computers.We've partnered on our products with some of the biggest names in the tech industry,and we''ve worked with modders everywhere from Osaka,to Orange County,to Oslo.

Future. Design. Unique

Future-focused - We create products that are built to last, are environmentally friendly, and will provide you with many years of unbeatable performance.

Design-focused - We live and breathe design at Bitspower.All of our products are created to be as simple as possible to use,great to look at,and of course,highly functional.We labor over our designs in an effort to make them as human-centric as they can be.

Built to be Unique - You customize because you're passionate about creating.When we build our components,we want to give our customers a vast range of styles that allow them to truly make their rig their own.


At Bitspower,we create technological products that are designed with the human beings that use them in mind.As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in watercooling,there will always be one constant: our commitment to the highest standards of quality.

Bitspower is dedicated to ensuring that our operations have zero negative impact on the environment;we are extremely conscious of both the manufacturing processes we employ,as well as the materials we use.

Our products aren't just high-quality,they're eco-conscious,too.

 The Bitspower Promise

We don't think of ourselves as a company that simply supplies products - we're a part of a community of people that are passionate about their craft. We're always open to hearing from our customers about what they want,and we do our best to incorporate this into our plans moving forward.

If any Bitspower product fails to live up to the highest levels of quality and workmanship,we'll make it right. Our commitment is, first and foremost,to providing the modding community with products that allow them to realize the awesome,creative ideas they have in their heads.